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Steve R Morse lives in Fort Lauderdale, Florida and has been in the wine and food industry for fifteen years.  He was the  co-founder of Cellars Wine & Spirits Warehouse, Inc.  He now splits his time between homes in South Florida and California.

One of the most important things to Stephen is eating healthy, clean, and sustainable foods. Stephen’s interest for organic and natural foods came from his time in the food and wine industry. He quickly realized that good food means natural food. Stephen took this as a mantra and traveled the world searching for restaurants that think in the same way. Stephen has been to Asia, Europe, South America, and many tropical islands in search of the best natural and organic foods and wines.

Organic wine is something that is very delicate and hard to find. This has become a huge passion for Stephen as he searches for the best tasting organic wines. Sometimes, organic doesn’t necessarily mean “good tasting” when it comes to wine and organic wines get a bad rap. People are so used to the sweet, clean, crisp tasting wine that we have available to us today in ample amounts. However, organic and natural wines have a specific taste that requires some getting used to.

Some people may say that they may accidentally contain natural sediments, leaves, flowers, and stems, but sometimes these things are intentionally placed to enhance the taste. All these aspects add to the fruitful undertones and smokey backdrop many wines today have.

Sustaining an organic vineyard is something that has never come easily to any plot of land. Stephen fantisizes about a family-owned vineyard in Italy that has been untouched by harmful chemcicals and pesticides – where the grapes are naturally grown and are decendents of natural grapes from centuries ago. We have mutated so many fruits with our chemicals for preservation that we have completely ruined the taste of some of the most decadent and delicious produce availbale to us.

Take the tomato for example. Tomatoes, in the old days, used to be eaten whole – on their own! Imagine doing that now. People get sick of the thought of tomatoes, let alone eating them like one would eat an apple. Strawberries, grapes, and other fruits and vegetables are now facing the same dilemma.

Grapes are a sacred fruit and harvesting and maintaining a vineyard is a skill to be awarded for. We need to make sure we are taking care of the earth and all of the long-standing farms, vineyards, and establishments that promote organic and natural foods for our people.

For more information, please visit Stephen’s Google+ and LinkedIn.

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